Most Advanced
Popunder Script On The Market


Pop, Tab Under & Over

Provide easy way to make pop under, tab under, pop over...

Works with Adblock

Our script can open pop/tab even when Adblock is enabled, but your pop url must not in their blacklist or contain words to be filtered.

Works On All Browsers

Works on all browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, Edge, all Mobile browsers..

Easy Installation

Installation is very easy, just few lines of code. We also provide well document that everyone can understand.

Full Customization

With good APIs, hooks, you can easily integrate with your tracking systems, or add your logic to customize its behaviors..

And More Features..

Bind or ignore to HTML tag or DOM nodes; cookie expires; random/ multiple urls; limit number of pop per page, fast click, and more..

Supported Browsers Pop Under Tab Under Pop Over
Chrome Windows < 67
Chrome Mac < 67
Firefox < 85
Opera Windows
Opera Mac
IE 11
Other browsers ?
Mobile iOS Android any
For more informations, click here

Our Plans

Hosted and Embedded in 1 domain

  1. 1 domain
  2. Pop Under Script Files
  3. Unlimited Impressions & Requests
  4. Full Script Updates
  5. APIs & Document
  6. Technical Support

$199 /year
Small Team
Hosted and Embedded in 10 domains

  1. 10 Domains
  2. Pop Under Script Files
  3. Unlimited Impressions & Requests
  4. Full Script Updates
  5. APIs & Document
  6. Technical Support

$499 /year
Hosted in 1 domain, Embedded in any domain

  1. Unlimited Domains
  2. Pop Under Script Files
  3. Unlimited Impressions & Requests
  4. Full Script Updates
  5. APIs & Document
  6. Technical Support

$1499 /year
  • Do you offer support ?
    We offer nearly 24/7 technical support and help with installation.
  • What happens after I pay?

    You will get an email right after you pay with the source (packed version) + demo license + full document. You need to reply that email and give us your domain names corresponding with plan you purchased, we will give you license for registered domains (in 24 hours).

  • What's license file ?

    It’s a file that allows the script run and hosted on domains you have registered with us.

    Please save this file, do not lose it until expired.

  • What's different between 1 domain and unlimited domain ?

    1 domain: script will works when you open http://your-domain.com with this script embedded, but if you use this script for other domain by adding this code <script src="http://your-domain.com/pop.js"></script> to other domain, it will not works. If you're adnetwork, have to use unlimited domain.

    unlimited domain: - adnetwork plan means script will works on any domain but must be hosted on only one registered domain. Just add <script src="http://your-domain.com/pop.js"></script> this code to any domain you want. But if you download pop.js and upload to other domain and use code like <script src="http://other-domain.com/pop.js"></script>, it will not works.

  • Can i modify this script ?
    Since 2.x, we don't provide raw source code any more, so you can't modify it. But we provide more APIs, you can use hooks to customize and integrate with your tracking system.
  • Can i have a trial before purchsae ?
    Sorry, we don't have any trial version yet. We already provide demo that you can test it on any devices you have before decide purchase or not.
  • Is possible to make pop under on page load, hover or unload ?

    There is no way to make pop under on page load (onload) event or before closing window (unload) or hover. It’s possible if you’re in before 2007.

    Pop under only works when you touch/click to page content.

  • Can i cancel recuring payment ?

    If you want to purchase only one year and don't want to renew it, you can cancel it after purchased. But next year if you want to use it, you have to purchase it again with price at that time (price may be changed)

  • How about working with AdBlock ?

    Our script can work with Adblock (can open pop even when AdBlock is enabled) but your pop url must not be in their blacklist or not contains worlds that be filtered. We don't guagrantee about AdBlock and don't refund in this case.

  • How about refund policy ?

    First, we're always fair and honest with all of our customers.

    1. We will refund if our script does not work like we show in our demo. Please check our demo in all of your devices before decide to purchase. When decided to purchase means you agreed with how our script perform.

    2. Also we will refund without asking anything if you have not take our license file (means you have not register your domains with us) because our license file is a client file script and we can't remote disable it in your server, in this case, you still able to use our product after get your fund back. This is not fair.

    3. We will not refund if you can't provide a valid reason. (Our script broken or we didn't offer support after 48 hours are valid reasons.)

    4. We will not refund if you take our license and use our script for a time then ask for a refund if you closed your business or don't want to use our script anymore without valid reason [3].

    5. You close your business or don't want to use our script or AdBlock blacklist your domain aren't valid reasons. We will not refund in this case.

Change Logs
  • 2017/02/02
    We moved the change logs to this post

and lot of other adnetworks, websites are using our solution, we can't list all of them.